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Agents of the 1337 Crew

Agency 1337 is the name of the Corporation from which Thompson is from. They are an elite Government corporation that authorizes its agents to hunt down and capture or eliminate their targets. These targets are usually people of high importance, though recently they have gotten involved in the supernatural. Their ultimate goal is to keep the balance of peace (or their version of it) in the United States. The agents are dubbed as the 1337 Crew.


1337 is a powerful organization. Their Agents are unlike the secret service or MiB. Augmented with technology, these agents are capable of even dodging bullets if a gunfight ensued. They are annonymous, lethal, evasive, and fiercly loyal.

The Agents have access to an enormous wealth of weapons and equipment, from small arms to sniper weapons, from Cars to Helicopters, from communications ear buds to Electronic hacking devices. They won't let anything stand between them and their mission.


  • Thompson