This rendition of the Batmobile was developed around a year after Batman began crime fighting. An improvement over the original vehicle, the Batmobile 2.0 became his primary means of transportation and featured a number of enhancements and upgrades.


  • Length: 300.0 in (7.62 m)
  • Width: 94.4 in (2.40 m)
  • Height: 125.98 in (3.20 m)
  • Engine: Waynetech hybrid power cell
  • Auxiliary Engine: Electric Motor
  • Afterburner: Jet Turbine
  • Acceleration: 0-60 km/h in 3.4 seconds
  • Maximum speed: 344.4 kph
  • Top auxiliary speed (Afterburner boost): 503.725 km/h
  • Fuel: Nitro Methane
  • Wheelbase: 90-degree pivotable, 2.99 m
  • Tires: Advanced Synthetic Fiber Composite


  • Titanium alloy armor shell
  • Carbon nanotube agregate armor reinforcement
  • Refractive, radar-absorbant paint reducing its signature making it difficult to detect
  • Magnetic rail attachment to the roof allowing for aerial pickup and delivery
  • 120mm armor reinforcement in the front grill, doubling as a battering ram
  • Electroshock defense for unauthorized contact with exterior
  • Integrated Fire-extinguishing system
  • Integrated safety connection to gasoline control
  • Rear dispenser for smoke, oil, tire spikes, or explosive mines
  • Stealth mode switching main engine to auxiliary electric engine for "silent running"
  • Electromagnetic interference unit to disable lights in a 30 m radius, enhancing stealth at night
  • Gas dispensers for a variety of substances such as Tear gas
  • Riot Suppressor gun firing nonlethal slam rubber rounds
  • Grapple claw with 60 m range capable of anchoring to structures for impossibly tight turns or vertical ascent
  • Extreme acceleration lifts the front end of the vehicle up, allowing for a rampless jump upon activation of the afterburner boost
  • Side-chassis mounted shin breakers
  • Central "foot" under the vehicle capable of lifting slightly off the ground and perform a full 180-degree turn
  • Air brakes to add drag during extreme deceleration or vectoring for rampless jump
  • Self diagnostic system to determine vehicular status and damage reports
  • Remote control system operable from the Batsuit's tactical display or the Batcomputer
  • Internal and external recording equipment
  • Side and rear mounted cameras for all-directional view
  • Parachutes for emergency deceleration
  • Driver-side Magnetic ejection system allowing for powered launches into the air
  • Passenger ejection system
  • Emergency low-integrity mode, shedding outer armor systems and components, converting the vehicle into a single-seat contained "Batpod"
  • Self-destruct


The cockpit featured room for two, a driver and passenger. There is also a containment unit for up to four additional individuals in the rear of the vehicle, where captured criminals are kept for transportation. An additional storage compartment for extra gear and equipment is located adjacent to this containment unit.