Brenna R. Hewett is a human female who became one of several captives of a growing Xenomorph hive. An explorer who got separated from her party, she ended up being captured by the Hybrid, who brought her to the hive as an occasional companion for its mate. After getting accustomed to constant insemination, Brenna has become one of the mate's favorite partners.

History Edit

Not much is known on Brenna's past. She is just an ordinary human girl who was formerly an explorer, travelling with a science party to the world that the Xeno Hybrid ended up building its hive on. After killing her friends, the Hybrid spared Brenna due to sensing her compatibility for its purposes, and merely choked her into unconsciousness. It then brought her to the hive, placing her in a capture pod for its mate to experiment with her.

When she awoke, she found the female mate trying to persuade her into trust, followed by seduction. Reluctant at first, wanting to escape from the hive and return to civilization safely, Brenna was swayed after a few gentle kisses. Eventually, she fell for the girl, removing her clothes and making love which resulted in the pair sharing an orgasm. She passed out, sealed in the pod for future uses.

Later on, she was the second of the girl's companions to be impregnated through her newfound biology. Surprised at first, Brenna ended up coming to welcome the creatures in her body, and successfully delivered them sometime later without any physical harm despite some pain. Repeated impregnations throughout the month resulted in Brenna adjusting to it, no longer experiencing any pain or discomfort from it.

During one incident, Brenna was found by the girl in a large pit, which had a sort of massive xenomorph breathing structure within it. She joined brenna in the pit, using the structure as a makeshift bed which constantly rose and fell as they slept together.

Brenna has become one of the mate's favorite companions. She has been impregnated several dozen times, and is the only victim that hasn't been impregnated by the Hybrid itself.

Appearance Edit

Brenna is a young woman just a few years into adulthood. About 5'4" tall, she is Caucasian featuring Ginger traits such as long, curly red-orange hair going a couple inches past her shoulders, blue-green eyes, and fair skin slightly pale featuring freckles. Due to her slightly pale skin, her lips end up standing out slightly more than a typical girl's does. She once wore glasses, but since her integration into the hive has stopped wearing them along with any clothes at all.