Carolyn B. Lee is one of several human female victims of a growing Xenomorph Hive. Having been captured by the Xenomorph Hybrid, she has been made a permanent resident and a frequent partner of the Hybrid's mate.

History Edit

Almost nothing is known about Carolyn's past life. She was captured by the Xenomorph Hybrid upon an attempt to colonize the planet it happened to build its Hive on. Deeming her a capable victim, it placed her within the Hive to be a frequent breeding partner with its mate. Though scared of the Hive, the female mate, and her situation at first, Carolyn would surrender to desire, submitting her body to insemination and setting herself up for a long future of breeding.

She has become one of the mate's favorite partners, frequently being bred by her. She also occasionally is bred by the Xenomorph Hybrid.

Appearance Edit

Having a build slightly chunkier by a fraction than the average female, Carolyn is Caucasian with slightly pale skin featuring numerous tiny spots and short, curly black hair. While she used to wear glasses, she has abandoned wearing them along with any sort of clothing as a result of being a victim of breeding in the Xenomorph Hive.