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Cass Cakes


Batman (formerly)
The Whisperers

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Cassandra Cain, former Batgirl, now going under the moniker Orphan, is currently investigating the mysterious circumstances in Metropolis.

History Edit

Cain grew up on the mean streets of Caracas, Venezuela, the most dangerous city in the world. She loved the thrill of taking one's life, however it was the jail time that she got that set Cass straight. Once she got out, she moved to Gotham as an assassin for hire. This caught the attention of the Batman, as he attempted to take down Cain, only for her to best him and unmask him. He took her in and made her the second Batgirl, only for Cass to retire from the position a few weeks later. She told Batman that she wanted to leave her own mark on the world, and became Orphan, the Crusader of Caracas. It was around this time when she teamed up with Jubilation Lee and Velvet Templeton to form The Whisperers.

Present Day Edit

After escaping from the destroyed city of Metropolis, the members of the Whisperers decided it would be best to go on their own ways, only reuniting with one another if the universe was in peril. Cassandra took this time to return to Gotham, where she met Batman once again and apologized for her actions four years earlier. He took her back in and offered the Batgirl moniker to her once more, but she declined, wanting to stay out of fighting for the time being.

Battle of Gotham Edit

When Gotham came under attack by the LoA, Cass suited up once again and was the first of the Bat Family to answer the call to fight back the invaders. However, she was captured by the LoA. She has since been a prisoner of war under secured watch by the LoA.