Kimberly Hart


October 13, 2011






Power Rangers

Kimberly Hart is an American teenager who is a founding member of the superhero team known as the Power Rangers.

History Edit

Originally the Queen Bee of Angel Grove High School, Kimberly faced a turning point in her life when she was kicked off the cheer team after an sending an embarrassing picture of one of her teammates to that girl's ex-boyfriend. This caused Kim to cut her hair short and develop a rebellious spirit. She ended up in weekend detention where she met Billy Cranston and Jason Scott. Her talents in gymnastics led her to "committing" suicide by the Angel Grove mines. She emerged when Jason called out to her from the ledge she jumped from, to his surprise when she asked what he was doing there. They heard an explosion come from the mines, where Billy had set up explosives. The pair rushed over immediately, to discover two others kids, Trini Kwan and Zack Taylor. They found five Power Coins, which Kim recieved the Pink Power Coin.

Relationships Edit

Trini Kwan- These two have formed a friendship that runs deep. While both are somewhat similar interested in one another, they keep their true feelings hidden away from each other.