Kyle Young is an Esper belonging to the group that also made Evan a member of their team. He's known Evan long
enough to act like a rival to him.


Kyle somehow met Evan 6 months prior to Evan meeting Sam. They were both made into Espers around the same time. Kyle, unlike Evan, is more rash, bold, and proud of his status and powers. He is also a little more powerful than Evan.

Upon meeting Evan again after he remained out of Contact from the Espers since he met Sam, Kyle was sent to bring Evan back. Noting Sam as an annoyance at first, he then started to taunt her into leaving Evan so she could date him. However, she managed to knock Kyle out after Evan's fight with him.

After this, he led a small group of Espers against Evan and Sam. However, Sam brought a group of Assassins and Thompson to fight the other Espers as she went to fight Kyle. She ended up killing him, but the other Espers were somewhat ruthlessly killed by Thompson. Sam then brought them all back to life.

Kyle and Olivia then visited the house, but soon left to keep Sam from unleashing her fury. Kyle then captured Korie for the Espers, and went out secretly as the Espers fought 1337, capturing Sam.