Lacey Brun is an Esper. Her nickname is Violet. She's a dark and quiet, though deadly, girl who is known for being bored often and sometimes likes to torture people with making them just as bored as her. She seems to be attracted to girls, as she's often made out with the girls the Espers capture and give to her for interrogation or watching.


Lacey was first encountered when Kyle captured Korie to test if she could become an Esper as well, and test what Evan's reaction would be to it.

Lacey got bored as she always did, and started to make out with Korie. Korie let it happen, enjoying it as much as Lacey was. However, Lacey was knocked out by Evan and Korie was rescued.

After this, Lacey was teleported out with Evan and Korie. Evan and Sam kept her in the spare bedroom with Korie so Korie could "Interrogate their prisoner." However, they ended up having sex instead, Korie wanting to get married. Lacey had to think about it.