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Shiva is a mysterious, highly trained assassin that operates for Ra's al Ghul.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Nothing is known about Shiva's early past.

Black Widow Edit

Shiva accepted Black Mask's offer of $50 million in exchange for Natasha Romanoff's body. However, she only took the job to test the Black Widow's skills and abilities for Ra's al Ghul, who caught interest in the individual after her involvement with the other thugs that accepted the deal.

Ambushing Natasha with a stealthy surprise attack, Shiva engaged in a close-quarters fight with her. Despite Black Widow's skill, she was unable to defeat Shiva or even land a single hit on her; however, Shiva withdrew before any real damage would be dealt to either one of them. She then disappeared completely afterwards, not even being seen in Ra's al Ghul's lair by Romanoff sometime later. It is unknown if she abandoned Ra's and is now independent or following another group, or if perhaps she is being hidden by the Head of the Demon for later use.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Though she possesses no real powers, Shiva comes into combat with a long list of highly effective lethal skills that make her so deadly and dangerous, she has not lost a single fight known to outsiders. She typically wields a straight short-sword, customary of the League of Assassins.