New York City, abbreviated as NYC, is a large city in the state of New York, United States. It is the site of both outbreaks of BLACKLIGHT Infection, and is currently quarantined by the US National Guard and Blackwatch. No one can get in or out without Blackwatch authorization. The city that humanity has come to know and love for years no longer exists.

First Outbreak Edit

The first Outbreak of the BLACKLIGHT virus began during Blackwatch's purge of Gentek scientists involved in the BLACKLIGHT project. During his attempt to escape, Alex Mercer, head of the project, was cornered by agents in Penn Station, Manhattan island. Before he was shot dead, he smashed a vial containing the virus on the ground, starting the outbreak and releasing the infection upon the citizens of New York City.

Everyone in Penn station became infected and died minutes later from exposure to the virus. Blackwatch locked the station down, stopping all trains moving in and out and extracted all the corpses inside, taking them to the Gentek building in Manhattan for study. During this time, news coverage portrayed the act throughout the media as a Terrorist attack. Life continued on as normal, with the people in Manhattan living in cautioned fear with the presence of Blackwatch secretly observing but minimal. Alex Mercer, reanimated by the virus, escaped the morgue and pursuit of Blackwatch.

Small pockets of infected civilians began to pop up as those that were near Penn station exhibited symptoms of severe illness and sickness. A few incidents would occur of infected people attacking others, but mostly these events were held back by conventional Law Enforcement officers of the New York Police Department, occasionally requiring the use of SWAT teams. Small teams of Blackwatch soldiers would be sent in secret to take care of whatever the Police could not handle. Besides this, things were relatively stable.

This changed when Alex Mercer accidentally let Elizabeth Greene free. Upon her escape from Gentek, she let loose a small pack of Hunters upon the city, which wrecked havoc across a few city blocks, requiring the combined effort of Blackwatch soldiers and Alex Mercer to bring down.

Elizabeth Greene then established a Hive Mind for the infected, rendering the few infected civilians under her control. With an intelligent mind directing it, the virus began to spread rapidly, with several covert infestations being made across the city. Fortified buildings would soon turn into small pocket hives for the infected, with a main hive well protected and near impossible to penetrate. Meanwhile, Manhattan Island was quarantined, with all of its bridges and tunnels fortified by the US National Guard to prevent the virus from spreading. The USS Ronald Regan remained nearby as the head deployment unit, with Battery Park established as the Headquarters of the National Guard and Blackwatch.

Despite the efforts of the troops, the infection was claiming more and more of Manhattan island; the infection claimed about 80-90% of the city's population before Alex Mercer finally defeated Elizabeth Greene. The military began a massive retreat, allowing the virus to attempt to reclaim the city once more.

Colonel Peter Randall, the leader of Blackwatch and the National Guard for New York, planned on detonating a tactical nuke to destroy the city, ending the infection at the cost of whatever troops and civilians were unable to evacuate in time. Alex Mercer stopped this effort, and with his aid, the remaining military and Blackwatch units utilized conventional warfare to eliminate the last of the infection. When Alex Mercer left, a massive cleaning operation was made to clear the bodies and damage left behind from this outbreak.

Second Outbreak Edit

NYZ 01

NYZ zones

Fourteen months later, the quarantine of Manhattan island had just ended, and repopulation efforts had begun. Manhattan island was almost entirely repaired and repopulated when Alex Mercer returned to Penn Station, and instigated the second BLACKLIGHT outbreak. This time, with him at its head, the virus was stronger and much more aggressive; the National Guard and Blackwatch was unable to stop him and his onslaught, with the administrators ineffective at trying to save Manhattan.

New administration was called in, who effectively decided to abandon the entirety of Manhattan island; they quarantined all five Boroughs of New York City, keeping everyone inside trapped and preventing anyone from going in or out. Instead of fortifying bridges and tunnels, the military destroyed them entirely to ensure nothing could transit New York City.

NYZ 02

NYZ with air lanes

From here on, the Military designation for the City was declared "New York Zero", or NYZ. NYZ was split into zones between the boroughs.
  • Blue Zone: The Blue zone covers Queens, and is the safest zone of NYZ for civilians to live in. This is the zone where the public head of the US National Guard is stationed, and is completely free of any infestation. This zone has many medical facilities where the virus is constantly studied, and is the location of Gentek's new headquarters. Despite supposedly having no presence of Blackwatch troops, it is rumored that there is still a secret presence of them here somewhere.
  • Green Zone: The zone covering Staten Island, where the people live free of the fear of infection caused by the viral outbreak, yet under oppression from the Blackwatch forces. Most civilians still do what they would before the outbreak, despite the threats of the infected. This area is mainly influenced and populated by the military. Most threats in the Green Zone are mainly insidious and secretive, unlike the other zones where they are more completely open by the military. Despite being a "safer" zone than the Yellow Zone, it has common infected roaming in a few parts of the zone. It also has a lot more lairs than the Yellow Zone.
  • Yellow Zone: A quarantined zone covering Brooklyn, where citizens are under suppression of Blackwatch. It is heavily influenced by the military and is extremely regulated. If civilians decide to travel, they have to proceed through multiple checkpoints. This zone is overcrowded with camps and shanty towns of refugees while the virus slowly grows here. Blackwatch is also using this zone as a research site. A lot of civilians are found caged throughout the Yellow Zone and are used mainly for research by Blackwatch.
  • Red Zone: The Red Zone is the zone covering the lower half of Manhattan island. It portrays a nightmarish vision where the BLACKLIGHT virus has completely overrun the city’s shattered skyscrapers and population, with infection and the risk of death at every corner. This is the zone where Alex Mercer resides, and is crawling with deadly mutant creatures. It is the largest out of the three zones and is mainly populated by Infected. There are few to no people left uninfected.
  • White Zone: The White Zone, also known as the "Dead Zone", is the zone covering the upper half of Manhattan Island. It was hit by a massive strike by the Military, rendered entirely uninhabitable and still constantly under target from powerful weapons systems. Should anything, infected or not, attempt to enter this zone, it will be hit by a massive assault of military firepower, and be completely annihilated.
  • Black Zone: The Black Zone covers the Bronx. Due to its close proximity to Manhattan Island, there are no civilians here whatsoever, with the entire zone transformed into a massive military installation. The head of Blackwatch and Military operations, RED CROWN, is headquartered here, and Blackwatch's main facility, the CASTLE, is located here. This zone possesses several pieces of heavy artillery and missile installations, as well as airfields for deployment of a number of aircraft. It is rumored that this zone alone has enough military assets to completely destroy all the other zones, much like the White zone, but administration keeps this from happening. It is also rumored that the Black Zone is working on transferring Nuclear weapons to its facilities.