Nyssa al Ghul




~27 (presumably)


League of Assassins


Natasha Romanoff (lover/girlfriend)



Every trial I've ever faced has lead me to this one moment, a challenging but beautiful creation who gives her heart and soul to me, and all I can do is return it.

Nyssa al Ghul, commonly referred to as The Bride, is a high-ranking assassin in the League of Assassins and lover of Natasha Romanoff, the heir to the Demon.

Early Age Edit

Raised with strict rules, Nyssa was a sickly and weak individual who followed orders from her older sister Talia. Taking her under her wing, Talia taught Nyssa how to be an efficient killer and seductress of women. Nyssa learned archery by herself and eventually mastering it in 2 years. She enlisted into the league, quickly rising to the top.

Year One Edit

After Romanoff was placed on a hitlist for $50 million, Nyssa's father, Ra, sent the assassin Shiva to recruit Natasha into the League. It was here that she also developed feelings for Nyssa. One night, after a long day of training, Nyssa invited Natasha into her quarters, where the two confessed their love for one another. They engaged in sexual interaction that night. The two would start a secret romance. When Ra had grown too weak, he forced Natasha to marry Slade Wilson, where Natasha revealed her love of Nyssa. Outraged, Ra banished both Natasha and Nyssa out.

Year Two Edit

By the next year, Nyssa had left Natasha's side to return to the League, to attend to family matters. Natasha followed her trail and discovered she had been brainwashed into marrying Floyd Lawton, also known as Deadshot. After slaughtering her way through the numerous assassins in attendance and knocking out Floyd, Natasha had to fight her lover. The battle ended when Natasha kissed the weakened Nyssa, breaking the spell over her. However, her father fought the both of them to the death, in which Natasha delivered the killing blow by slicing his head off.

Becoming the Bride Edit

After her father's "death", Nyssa was given the opportunity of naming the new heir to the Demon. Natasha was picked, which she gained control of the League.


At some point, Nyssa was cast from Gotham City by certain circumstances. While Natasha seized control of the League of Assassins and sent out to find her, Nyssa traveled the world for answers; she was eventually found by SHIELD, who captured her and persuaded the assassin to lure Natasha into a vulnerable setting so that she could be captured as well. The two reunited, only for Director Fury to seize the two of them and detain them aboard the Helicarrier for questioning while preparing for a skirmish to reclaim Gotham with the help of Batman.