Olivia Plesington is an Esper. She seems to be an old friend of Kyle's and Evan's. She was somewhat hurt when Evan disappeared. She currently fights against 1337.


Olivia was saddened when Evan vanished. She was part of the group Kyle summoned to capture Sam and Evan after his first fight with Evan. However, she was greatly horrified at Thompson, killing off her allies and friends, and was caught in an explosion after Thompson shot the gas tank of a car next to her. Suffering severe burns and blood loss, she laid dying under a piece of car debris, trying to reach for Evan. However, Thompson shot her dead. She was later revived by Sam.

Olivia accompanied Kyle to Sam's house to try to talk to her. He later left with her, seeing it was the wrong time.

She was asleep inside the building the Espers used as their hideout when 1337 attacked after Evan rescued Korie. She mounted a defense, but the Espers were ultimately driven out into hiding.