Carolina Minkz


January 1, 2013






126 lbs

Hair Color

Black (with red streaks)

Eye Color


"You can't clip this Robin's wings!"

Carolina Minkz (formerly Carolina Falcone) is Red Robin, an inexperienced crime-fighter who operates with the Bat Family.


Born into a powerful mob family, Carolina was the heiress to the fortune laid out before her. 

The Bat StrikesEdit

During a dinner party in 2016, Carolina witnessed the first appearance of the Batman, when he crashed it and vowed that their reign would end soon and disappeared. Carolina vowed to herself that she would destroy the man in the bat suit when she grew older.

Age of DarknessEdit

As the years passed, Carolina grew up to become an intelligent bookworm, using her skills to help the mob family with money laundering and tax evasion. She even began to take up gymnastics and boxing, trying to replicate the skills of those as the Bat. However, the Batman continued to hamper her family's operations, and one night, in 2029, she took upon herself and tracked down the Bat. They skirmished for a bit before Batman incapacitated Carolina, noting her ability to keep up with him and declared to himself that one day he would come to her aid and rescue her. He dropped off Carolina back at her family's restaurant and took off. When Carolina came to, she realized that the Bat wasn't the ruthless monster who she grew up believing. 

Hunt for Black WidowEdit

During the month-long Gotham Crisis, Carolina took the opportunity to run away from home, realizing she didn't want to become her father's image. After sleeping in and around Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne approached her and offered to take her in as an orphan. Bruce figured out that she was the same girl who attacked him a year earlier and revealed to her that he was Batman. Shocked, Carolina didn't believe him until he showed her the Batcave and revealed to her the Robin costume he had Lucius make for her. She agreed to join him and his cause.

Present DayEdit

That Familiar Taste of PoisonEdit

One night during the retaking of Gotham City, Carolina snuck out of Wayne Manor and traveled to Gotham Park for reconnaissance. She entered the park and made her way towards the center, discovering that the plants here were still breathing and alive, meaning someone was still here. She encountered Poison Ivy and lowered her guard enough to become enticed and seduced by the botanist. They made love and Carolina agreed to stay with her.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Toxin Immunity

Abilities Edit

  • Acrobatics
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic)​​​
  • Stick Fighting