The Soul Gem, also known as the Soul Stone, is one of the six Infinity Gems. A relic that contains and governs all of the life-force present in the universe, the Soul Gem is a phenominally strong conduit of life energy that has power over all souls, and is regarded as the most powerful and dangerous of the Infinity Stones in that regard. One runs the risk of losing their soul should they attempt to harness the Soul Stone without caution. The location of the Soul Stone is currently unknown.



Long ago, there existed a pre-creation God that embodied several aspects of the universe. As time passed, this being became lonely, until it reached a point that it could no longer bear eternity and committed suicide. Its death was violent, producing a tremendous explosion of the separate aspects it represented.

One of these aspects was Soul: the representation of all life-energy present in the universe. Eventually, this aspect as well as the others were discovered by the Elders of the Universe, and were gathered and forged into concentrated ingots. The one that contained the life force of the universe became the Soul Gem.

The Soul StoneEdit

Infinity Stones 06

The Soul Stone after its alteration

Over time, the Soul Gem and the other Gems were altered into their present form. The Soul Gem, which was formerly a smooth green oval gem, became a rock glowing with an orange light, and was remembered as the Soul Stone.

Present TimeEdit

It is entirely possible that the Soul Stone has remained completely untouched since its alteration; no information of the Soul Stone's activities or whereabouts after its creation is presently known. Anyone or anything that may have had contact with it are either dead, or have buried its secrets so deep that even any knowledge of a Soul Stone existing is scarce; all that may be known about it comes from those that know there are six Infinity Stones, and that one of them has the power of Soul. While its powers can be alluded to based on the name, its true potential is unknown, as well as its history and whereabouts.

In spite of this information scarcity, the Soul Stone has gained a reputation with those that know of it to be a very dangerous construct. Having the potential to manipulate any and all life in the universe, those few that know of it come to regard it as the most powerful, potent, and hazardous of the Infinity Stones. It holds a special place in the "hierarchy" of the Infinity Stones, usually being placed at the top in a list of most important and deadliest of the six.


The Soul Gem was originally smooth and shaped like an oval, only 2 inches long from top to bottom. It was colored green, and all the powers and energies associated with its use were also colored green.

Over time, the Soul Gem was transformed into its current form, known as the Soul Stone. It changed into something more like a rock, and became orange in color.

Containment DeviceEdit

Should the Soul Stone follow the pattern set up by the other Infinity Stones, it can be presumed that it was, at one point, found by some entity and placed within some unit to better harness its power, or disguise its true nature. However, given the incredible lack of information regarding the Soul Stone, it is unknown who or what this entity could be, if there ever was one to begin with.


The Soul Stone embodies the universal aspect of life. It can be seen as a sort of dial, a control unit for any and all life-energy present within the universe; as such, it provides its wielder access and control over any and all souls in the universe. This can be applied in a number of different ways.

Ethereal SenseEdit

At its most basic level, the Soul Stone grants its user the ability to observe souls and life forces, and the ability to interact with them.

  • Life-Sense: The Soul Stone enables its user to see the life energy in the universe under any circumstance. This can be used to sense the souls of those still living, such as in any circumstance a soul may have disguised itself with invisibility or mental illusions. It can even detect life-energy of incorporeal beings that have no connection to the physical plain, such as a soul operating outside a physical form.
  • Death-Sense: In the same regard to Life-Sense, the Soul Stone can sense the energy of the dead. This can allow the user to be aware of souls that have passed from the realm of the living, such as ghosts, whether they are in the afterlife or the physical realm of the living.


The Soul Stone can provide its user with continuous Life-Energy, enabling them to live forever.

  • Cease Aging: The Soul Stone can provide its user with continuous life energy for any amount of time; this effectively ceases the breakdown of cells in natural aging, enabling the wielder to live forever.
  • Restoration: The Soul Stone can use Life-Energy to restore any damage the user has acquired, allowing them to heal from any attack and effectively rendering them immortal.

Soul DefenseEdit

The Soul Stone, governing all Life-Force, grants its user absolute defense from any other soul-based power used against them.

  • Soul Barrier: The Soul Stone can be used to project a constant protection against any soul-based power, completely negating the effects of possession, life-drainage, weakness, vampirism, life erasure, necromancy, and other soul powers.

Soul ReadingEdit

The Soul Stone enables its user to access any of the information held within a target's soul, or any information held by any amount of Life-energy.

  • Life-Reading: The Soul Stone can harness the Life-Energy in the universe and derive information from it, typically through sensing how the energy has been affected by events and how long it has persisted. Information such as births, deaths, and manipulations can be derived from this, allowing the user to sense when creatures had died, for example during an extinction event.
  • Soul-Reading: The Soul Stone can access the Life-Energy in anyone's soul, allowing them to peer within and gather any information they wish to extract. This is particularly useful when the target in question has errected a mental barrier preventing extraction of information from the mind; such barriers have no defense for the soul.

Astral FormEdit

The Soul Stone governs all aspects of any soul, and can be used to affect the user just as well as any other soul.

  • Astral Projection: The Soul Stone enables the user to separate their soul from their own body for a number of purposes. As the soul is incorporeal, it can be used to travel tremendous distances in a short span of time, can be used to float and fly, transiting through solid objects and any physical defense, and can be used to affect incorporeal constructs and entities like they were physical beings.
  • Possession: Once in Astral Form, the user of the Soul Stone can use its power to take over the physical form of another creature. This can be used on beings alive or dead, enabling the user to possess a living body just as easily as reanimating a dead one.
  • Soul Overriding: While possessing a still-living body, the Soul Stone grants its user the power to override the present soul and gain control of the body. The original soul can attempt to fight for control while trapped within the body, though the Soul Stone's power enables its user to resist any and all attempts of the original soul to regain control. From here, the Soul Stone can suppress the original soul, force it out of the body, trap it within the Soul Stone's pocket dimension, or be erased.
  • Death Possession: Just like possessing a living being, the user of the Soul Stone can also possess the corpse of a deceased being; this has the effect of reanimating the corpse into a zombie-like state, but without the imparment of a zombie since the user can fully and completely control it with no issues. They gain the benefits of a reanimated corpse, such as feeling no pain and no physical limitations beyond the extent of decomposition, since all of the corpse's senses are essentially dead.
  • Astral withdrawal: At any point and time, the user of the Soul Stone can return to their original body under any circumstance, whether they are existing with or without a different physical body. This can be done in the event the original body is being attacked.

Astral PlainEdit

The Soul Stone allows its user access to the Astral Plain, enabling them to travel to a number of different pocket dimensions.

  • Ethereal Traversal: The Soul Stone can transport its user to other realms, such as the afterlife, or a pocket dimension made using life-energy. This can be done with either just the user's soul or their actual physical form made ethereal.
  • Ethereal Translocation: The Soul Stone can open portals to Astral realms, enabling them or any other being access to these realms.
  • Ethereal Alteration: The Soul Stone can alter the form of any Astral realms, much like manipulating the features of the physical world. The size, shape, features, and qualities and laws of astral realms can be freely altered to the user's bidding.
  • Ethereal Interaction: Once in the Astral Plain, the user of the Soul Stone can freely interact with any entity within just like interacting with a physical entity in the Material Plain. They can do this to speak to the souls of the dead, or living souls that simply have no physical representation in the Material Plain.


The Soul Stone has full access to all of the Life-Force in the universe.

  • Life Energy Creation: The Soul Stone can generate Life-Energy, which can be used to create a brand new soul or empower a pre-existing soul's power. This can be used to restore those suffering from the effects of life-drainage, or can reanimate a deceased body using the new soul.
  • Life Energy Manipulation: The Soul Stone can manipulate already-existing Life-Energy, enabling them full and complete control over the life-energy in a soul. This can be used to move the energy from one soul to another, extract it for interrogation or drainage purposes, or collect it into a singular location for further uses. This can also be done to alter the qualities of the Soul, manipulating it to follow the user's bidding or enhance/decrease abilities of the target.
  • Life-Drainage: The Soul Stone can extract the Life-Energy from a soul, either freely with consent of the soul or forcibly without consent, much like the effects of vampirism with life-forces. This can be used in small amounts to temporarily boost the user and momentarily weaken the target, or fully extract the soul from the target for consumption.
  • Death Inducement: The Soul Stone can kill any target by completely dismissing the soul of the creature from the body. This instantly causes the target to die, and the soul is left to either exist as an incorporeal entity or transported somewhere to an astral realm.
  • Life Erasure: The Soul Stone can completely destroy a Soul in its entirety, wiping the life force away into nothingness. The soul ceases to be, and any memory or qualities contained within are gone.

Death ManipulationEdit

The Soul Stone has control over any Life-Energy, alive or dead, and has just as much control over the dead as it does for the living.

  • Death Detection: The Soul Stone allows its user to be aware when any life form dies, no matter where it is located in the universe.
  • Death Communication: The Soul Stone allows its user to interact with the dead, no matter which astral dimension they are contained within.
  • Reanimation: The Soul Stone can provide a corpse with a small amount of Life-Energy to reanimate it into a zombie. The amount of energy provided using this method is usually just barely enough to get the corpse operational, making it a mindless servant; however, enough energy can be given to give it some form of thought and awareness for itself.
  • Revival: The Soul Stone can completely revive a dead body with a full soul, healing any damage and restoring any amount of decomposition to full living capability. In the event the body is completely destroyed, the Soul Stone can use its full potential to recreate the body, making form out of nothing for the soul to inhabit.
  • Reincarnation: The Soul Stone can establish a reincarnation for a soul, enabling it to return to the living at a later time. This rebirth can be done either with the soul's original form or through a completely new one, either selected or random. Furthermore, a Reincarnation cycle can be established, allowing the soul to be reborn after dying any number of times; this can be made to only last a certain number of restorations, or be made to be an infinite cycle of rebirths. Any Reincarnation Cycle can also be dismissed or altered to any amount by the Soul Stone.

Power ManipulationEdit

The Soul Stone has authority over certain powers and abilities, namely those of a Life-Force nature.

  • Power Bestowal: The Soul Stone can grant certain powers and abilities to others, alive or dead.
  • Power Manipulation: The Soul Stone can influence the power of a Soul, increasing or decreasing its potency to any variation.
  • Power Alteration: The Soul Stone can change the powers and abilities of souls that have a certain power.
  • Power Removal: The Soul Stone can take away powers that an individual possesses.


The Soul Stone, governing the progression of life in the universe, has the power of evolution over any life form.

  • Evolve: The Soul Stone can be used to evolve any life form further along its line of life, to either adapt, change, enhance, or take away certain traits and abilities the life form possesses.
  • De-Evolve: The Soul Stone can be used to retract any progress a life form has made along its line of life, returning it to a previous evolutionary state to adapt, change, enhance, or take away certain traits and abilities the life form possesses.


The Soul Stone has governence over traits of life, which extends to curses placed on living or dead beings.

  • Curse Bestowal: The Soul Stone is capable of cursing a soul to any extent imaginable by its user, either for positive or negative effects.
  • Curse Alteration: The Soul Stone is able to change certain traits about a life form's curse, or fully alter it into some other curse entirely.
  • Curse Removal: The Soul Stone can fully dismiss a curse from a life form, returning it to its normal state of existence.

Soul DimensionEdit

The Soul Stone contains a pocket dimension of its own within itself, which can be used for various purposes.

  • Life-Energy Collection: The Soul Stone can absorb any amount of Life Energy, including souls, to be stored within its pocket dimension. This collection has no limitations, and can override any soul-based defenses.
  • Soul Storage: The Soul Dimension contains anything placed within it, and can keep Life-Energy and souls trapped within for any amounts of time. The Soul Dimension can be altered by the user in any way, enabling them to change the world the souls within exist on for any variation of comfort or torture. The user can even alter the Soul Dimension to be different for each individual soul locked within, establishing various traits of each state of existence for each soul.
  • Life-Energy Release: The Soul Stone can unleash any amount of Life-Energy or souls contained within, freeing the trapped souls within or releasing any quanitity of Life-Force inside.

Soul Stone SentienceEdit

Similar to the Mind Stone's Intelligence, the Soul Stone possesses a sentience of its own, and can be considerd an entity in and of itself.

  • Soul Stone Communication: The Soul Stone can communicate with its user, either through subtle feeling inducement or full, free conversation. It can also speak with individuals beyond the user, as it can freely communicate with any life form in the universe.
  • Soul Stone Concience: The Soul Stone can be conversed with for advice or suggestions for the user, providing its thoughts and theories to certain situations and scenarios. The Soul Stone can pass on any information it has come across throughout its lifetime, and can also provide any information it has extracted from living things.


Once the Soul Gem became the Soul Stone, it seemingly lost its controlled quality and became highly unstable. While the other Infinity Stones are guaranteed to cause mass devastation upon their use, the Soul Stone is unique in its trait that when its energy is unleashed upon someone touching it, it can actually decide what effects it has on those around it. Therefore, anyone that attempts to access its power suffers the risk of having their life-force altered, destroyed, or trapped within the Soul Stone. When its user is absorbed into the Soul Stone, the stone is temporarily "left open," which can have any effect the stone decides upon such as completely drain the life energy from nearby beings and curse those unfortunate enough to survive the Soul Stone's devastation. Lesser beings, such as humans, would be quickly killed and erased by this power, simulaneously enabling the Soul Stone to suck away the souls of anyone else that happens to be standing nearby; this effect can also potentially curse the area it happened in, to any degree of strange and negative effects the Soul Stone decides to bestow. However, it is possible to avert this effect if one uses a containment device to safely handle the stone, or gain the Soul Stone's permission to use it and be safe upon touching it.


Overall, the Soul Stone allows its user full control over any souls and residual life-energy present within the universe. Unique among the Stones is its full sentience and hunger for life-force; while comparable to the intelligence of the Mind Stone, the Soul Stone stands out as a fully living individual.



  • The Soul Stone is unique among the Infinity Stones in that, while it can be altered by outside influence like the others, also has the capability of altering itself.
  • The Soul Stone is regarded by those few that know of it as the most dangerous of the Infinity Stones.
  • Those few that know of it also tend to hold the Soul Stone in higher regard than the other Stones, placing it at the top of a "hierarchy" of the six Stones.