The Space Gem, also known as the Space Stone, is one of the six Infinity Gems. A relic that contains and governs all of the physical dimensional boundaries of the universe, the Space Gem is a fascinatingly powerful translocation unit capable of relocating any object in the universe, with a high risk of randomly relocating its user. It is reportedly kept on Asgard within Odin's Vault.



Long ago, there existed a pre-creation God that embodied several aspects of the universe. As time passed, this being became lonely, until it reached a point that it could no longer bear eternity and committed suicide. Its death was violent, producing a tremendous explosion of the separate aspects it represented.

One of these aspects was Space: the representation of all space and dimensions in the universe. Eventually, this aspect as well as the others were discovered by the Elders of the Universe, and were gathered and forged into concentrated ingots. The one that contained the dimensions of the universe became the Space Gem.

The Space Stone[1]Edit

Infinity Stones 08

The Space Stone after its alteration

Over time, the Space Gem and the other Gems were altered into their present form. The Space Gem, which was formerly a smooth purple oval gem, became a rock glowing with a blue light, and was remembered as the Space Stone.

Odin's discoveryEdit

At some point, the Space Stone was found by Asgard. Odin, the ruler of Asgard, realized its amazing power as well as its destructive potential; he had the Space Stone locked away in his vault for safekeeping. It is unknown if the Space Stone was contained within the Tesseract before or after Asgard's discovery.


The Space Gem was originally smooth and shaped like an oval, only 2 inches long from top to bottom. It was colored purple, and all the powers and energies associated with its use were also colored purple.

Over time, the Space Gem was transformed into its current form, known as the Space Stone. It changed into something more like a rock, and became blue in color.

Containment DeviceEdit

Infinity Stones 09

The Tesseract

The Tesseract is the name given to the storage unit used to house the Space Stone. It is unknown if the Tesseract was made by Asgard or someone else, though its intention was to contain the Space Stone's energy in a more stable form, lessening the risk of negatively affecting those that handle it. It remains hidden in Odin's Vault, locked away from anyone who would seek to use it for evil intentions.


The Space Stone embodies the universal aspect of space. It can be seen as a sort of dial, a control unit for any and all of the physical dimensions and locations within the space of the universe; as such, it provides its user instant access to any location, and the ability to alter locations and their characteristics as they see fit. This can be applied in a number of ways.

Speed EnhancementEdit

At its most basic level, the Space Stone can greatly enhance the user's speed.

  • Super Speed: The Space Stone, governing the physical location of any and all objects in the universe, can be used to simply grant its user the power to travel to a distant location within an instant; this can be applied from simple super-fast running to outright superluminal travel across space.

Spacial MimicryEdit

The Space Stone can translocate the matter of any object, granting the effect of occupying space without physical form.

  • Phasing: The Space Stone allows its user to phase out certain physical portions of their own mass, or any object's mass, giving the effect of allowing physical things to pass right through.
  • Intangibility: A fuller variation of phasing, the Space Stone allows a full mass to be physically phased out while still occupying space, allowing anything restricted within the dimensions of space to pass right through.

Object movementEdit

The Space Stone governs the location of everything in the universe, and can change said location at the whim of the user.

  • Spacial telekinesis: The Space Stone can physically move any object in any variation, pushing or pulling towards the target or making it move around in space to the desire of the wielder. The Space Stone can also make inert objects move, and objects in motion halt to a complete stop.
  • Trajectory manipulation: The Space Stone can bend the fabric of space to alter the movement of an object in motion, altering its course to any degree, even to ridiculous extremes.

Distance ManipulationEdit

The Space Stone can alter the distance of objects, even down to the atomic components of singular objects.

  • Expansion: The Space Stone can increase the distance of objects, causing spacial expansion, even to rip objects apart by making distance between its particulates.
  • Compression: The Space Stone can decrease the distance of objects, causing spacial compression, even to crush objects by eliminating distance between its particulates.


The Space Stone's most well known power is its ability to send any object to any location in the universe within an instant.

  • Self-translocation: The Space Stone can teleport itself and its wielder to any location in the universe, no matter the distance.
  • Object translocation: The Space Stone can teleport any object the user desires to any location in the universe, regardless of the object's size, distance from the user, destination, and distance from the destination. This can even be applied to background cosmic energy, granting the wielder of the Space Stone vast amounts of power.
  • Portal Creation: The Space Stone can also establish lasting portals that can physically teleport any being or object that is capable of going through it.

Spacial WarpingEdit

The Space Stone can warp space within the universe to any effect.

  • Warp space to increase the distance between two points in the universe, causing objects to take longer to reach a destination without changing speed.
  • Warp space to decrease the distance between two points in the universe, causing objects to reach a destination faster without changing speed.
  • Warp space to bend the light around objects, rendering their appearance to be warped, altered, or completely invisible.
  • Warp space to cause objects to be attracted towards a target even if they expend energy to try to escape.
  • Warp space to cause objects to be repelled towards a target even if they expend energy to try to reach it.

Gravity ManipulationEdit

The Space Stone, governing the forces of space, has power over the gravity in the universe.

  • Gravity creation: The Space Stone can create gravity from any location, including itself, while within a setting of zero gravity.
  • Gravity increase: The Space Stone can increase the gravity in an area, causing objects to grow heavy and restricting their movements. This can also be applied to increase the gravitational attraction between objects to cause them to collide.
  • Gravity decrease: The Space Stone can decrease the gravity in an area, causing objects to grow lighter and enabling ease of movement.
  • Gravity erasure: The Space Stone can dismiss gravity altogether within an area, causing objects to float away in any one direction their momentum carries them.
  • Gravity repulsion: The Space Stone can cause a "negative gravitational field," which has the result of repelling objects away from each other.

Singularity ManipulationEdit

The Space Stone, having infinite power over all of Space, has complete control over any gravitational singularity.

  • Singularity creation: The Space Stone is capable of creating Black Holes by mere thought of the user; alternatively, Black Holes can be made by using the Space Stone to compress pre-existing objects in the universe beyond their "Schwartzchild Radius."
  • Singularity manipulation: The Space Stone can alter the properties of Black Holes, increasing or decreasing their gravitational pull, size, spin, charge, and location.
  • Singularity dismissal: The Space Stone can get rid of any Black Hole within the universe, either by simply winking it out of existence, forcing it to expand all of its Hawking Radiation within an instant, or altering its gravitational force to rip the singularity apart by causing its mass to infinitely expand instead of infinitely compress.


Once the Space Gem became the Space Stone, it seemingly lost its controlled quality and became highly unstable. Therefore, anyone that attempts to access its power runs the risk of being overpowered by its power over space. This can have the effect of translocating a part of the wielder's body to some random point in space, or even the entire user as a whole, as well as the Space Stone itself. When its user is translocated in such a way, the stone is temporarily "left open," causing a tear in the fabric of space that can be interconnected to any number of points within the universe; if the resulting tear is generated within a pressurized environment such as a planetary atmosphere, a catastrophic suction of the pressurized matter would result, being pulled into the void of space formed by the rift. Since the Space Stone carries within it a vast amount of cosmic energy, any object that goes through said rift could also be quickly incinerated. However, it is possible to avert this effect if one uses a containment device, such as the Tesseract, to safely handle the stone. One must still be careful while handling the Tesseract, as prolonged physical contact may result in an unstable translocation anyway.


Overall, the Space Stone allows its user the full control over all space, dimensions, distances, momentum, locations, boundaries, and direction of any and all objects within the universe, including the universe itself.