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Somebody once told me that with great power comes with great responsibility. He died because I wasn't at my strongest to save him. I'm willing to make sure that doesn't happen ever again.


Spider-Gwen, known across multiple universes as Spider-Woman, is an intradimensional universe hopper, helping those who are in need of defending.

Origin Edit

This spectacular arachnid is supposedly from Earth-65, where that universe's Peter Parker became the Lizard instead of Spider-Man. Parker died in the arms of Spider-Gwen, who only wanted to be just like her. This event caused the destruction of several other universes, due to Peter's death. Spider-Gwen vowed to avenge her former best friend and formed the Warriors Suprema, which included the likes of that universe's Captain America and Black Cat. This team is still active and protects Earth-65 from dimensional invaders.

Universe-hopping Badass Edit

Gwen came across a small dimensional teleporter during an invasion of Kree warriors from Earth-732. She uses this teleporter to travel across different universes to defend the defenseless. During her many travels, she has recruited other Spider-Men and Women to join her Web Warriors, a team of Spiders who defend the multiverse from evil.

Confused and Unsure Edit

Currently, Gwen has landed into a strange universe, where the inhabitants are fearful of what lurks nearby in huge caves, where they claim they have seen a human command several strange, almost perfect, creatures.