The Outbreak is an event currently contained within the United States. Beginning in September 12, a deadly virus was released in Penn Station in Manhattan, New York City. The virus spread throughout the civillian population quickly, and the police were unable to contain it. Eventually, the Marines were called in, but even they had trouble. The outbreak consists of two events.


Occuring in 2009, the first outbreak happened only on Manhattan, and was quelled some 18 days after beginning through unknown means. The virus was released in Penn Station by a terrorist who's name is undisclosed to the public, and who formerly worked for a company called Gentek.


Occuring 18 months after the first outbreak was contained, a second attack happened in Manhattan. Ironically beginning in the same place, the virus was released in Penn station, and this time was much stronger. The military was unable to contain it, so the island was quarantined, and the bridges destroyed to prevent spread. The Bronx and Statin island have minor amounts of the virus.

The City was closed to the public, and events were hidden from the media.