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Thompson is an agent of an unknown government corporation. His initial mission was to find and eliminate Evan after the organization ran across him and other Espers using their powers. However, he was somehow moved by Sam to turn against the corporation and help them out. He was later recruited by Evan to assist Sam in taking out Kyle and some other Espers.


Thompson was originally escorting a small caravan of black Agency vehicles upon capturing an escaped Prisoner from a high-level facility. On their way back, the cars entered a closed space on accident, and most of the vehicles were annihilated. One of the last Agents to survive the encounter, he witnessed Evan battling a Celestial Ameoba creature with other Espers. He soon escaped the bubble of closed space and reported this to his high command.

His next mission was to assassinate Evan, as he was the only Esper he could get to and the Espers proved to be too dangerous to let run around. He managed to inflict a deep flesh wound in his stomach, and captured Sam to keep her quiet. Taking them both to the Hospital, he moved under the guise that another person attacked them and took Sam to visit him.

Soon, it seemed Sam got a little interested in Thompson. Not knowing how to comply, the interest seemed to die out soon after. He then busted into their room, apparently gone Rogue on his agency, and escorted them out while gunning down his fellow agents. Taking them home, Thompson disappeared soon after.

He joined Evan and Sam in finding and fighting the Esper group Kyle had assembled. However, he came in his separate black Agent car, loaded with a PSG1 Sniper Rifle, UMP Assault rifle, and his own Agency-issued Desert Eagle. With deadly proficiency, he swiftly assisted the Assassins Sam brought, though not to subdue, but to kill. One by one, he shot them dead, much to the horror of Evan and Sam. Olivia was his last target.

Sam fled the area, Thompson persuing. She screamed for him to leave, and he hesitated but silently complied.


Despite appearing to be a simple Government Agent, Thompson seems to inhibit several powers of his own.

  • Inhuman precision accuracy
  • Slightly increased physical attributes (Strength, speed, stamina, endurance, etc)
  • Night Vision (Augmented by his Sunglasses)
  • Superhuman agility allowing him to flow around objects flying at the speed of a bullet